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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Waiting game at High Camp at 17,000 feet...

We only received one ping from Heli's satellite tracker today and it is not moving, so it appears the team is hunkered down at Camp V at 17,000. They are most likely just waiting for the weather to improve.


  1. Hi Matti, My husband Bret is on the same team as Heli and he has a spot also. I have enjoyed going back and forth between their two sights. His spot is showing they are at about 19,100 and moving along although they have been at it today for 7 hours already. The link to his sight is and the password is climbon. Hope this link works for you. I really like the way Heli has this sight set up. Bonnie

  2. Wow, looks like we just got another ping from Heli's device now half-way to the summit!!!! Maybe Heli's device was just buried too deep into her pack.