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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rest day at 14,000 feet

The Alaska Mountaineering blog ( that Heli's group is taking a day off from climbing and resting at Camp IV at 14,000 feet. I was a bit worried when Heli's tracker too a significant side step earlier today but I guess they were "sightseeing in the neighborhood" :-) The last update is from the Camp IV area again, so all seems to be well!


  1. The little side trip is over to what's called "The Edge of the World". The cliff offers an amazing view of the Kahiltna Glacier and Mt. Hunter and Mt. Foraker. Typically done on a rest day at 14k camp to keep the body moving (and get some great pictures!).

    When I was there in '08 there was some clouds on the glacier below, but the view was still unbelievable:

  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures Kurt - really beautiful! My boyfriend is Max, the assist guide to Phil Ershler. I always get to hear how great the climbs are afterward, so it's been really fun to watch the progress this closely - thanks to Matti and everyone else for the updates as well! Cheers! ~Lizzie

  3. Thanks Kurt, definitely worth the "side trip"! Great view!
    Lizzie, thanks to Kurt for graciously helping get this cool 3D view of the mountain from Heli's satellite tracker.